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Letter of Arab States to the UN SC Regarding the Arab Summit of September 1964
Oct. 8 1964




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The second Arab summit conference, held in Alexandria on Sept. 13, 1964, declared the goal of eliminating Israel, and made concrete decisions regarding unification of army commands, increased size of armed forces and diversion of the waters of the Jordan before they reached the Sea of Galilee, in Syria and Lebanon.  Israel addressed addressed a letter to the Security Council, noting the that the  goal "of liberating Palestine from Zionist imperialism " was contrary to the UN Charter - it meant the destruction of Israel. The Arab leaders sent  the reply below. The reply claims that:

"the Israel representative made deliberate misrepresentations and deletions regarding the statement on Palestine" 

The Arab reply cites several UN resolutions that condemned Israel, but failed to address the fact that the Summit conference resolutions declared the goal of destroying a member state of the UN. The letter appended a text of the official resolutions, including the resolution on "liberation" of Palestine, but without the detailed agreements that were apparently concluded for diversion of waters, encouragement of guerilla attacks and arming for a war with Israel. Both Syria and Egypt began making large scale arms purchases from Soviet bloc countries.

Israel subsequently sent a second letter.

Ami Isseroff

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Security Council
8 October 1964


Letter dated 6 October 1964 from the representatives of Algeria,
Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia,
Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Republic and Yemen,
addressed to the President of the Security Council


[Original text: English]
[8 October 1964]


With reference to the letter contained in document S/5980 of 18 September 1964 1/ we have the honour, upon instructions from our respective Governments, to state the following:

1. In an attempt to deal with the Palestine problem detached from its historical context, the Israel representative made deliberate misrepresentations and deletions regarding the statement on Palestine in the Declaration [annex] issued by the Council of the Kings and Heads of State of the member States of the Arab League at its second session held at Alexandria, from 5 to 11 September 1964. This Declaration has reaffirmed the views that our Governments separately and jointly have expressed in the United Nations, and which were supported by joint declarations and resolutions adopted in international conferences, to uphold, restore and safeguard the rights of the Palestinian people to their usurped homeland.

These rights stem from the universally accepted principle that a country belongs to its indigenous inhabitants regardless of allegations made by colonial forces working to determine its destiny against the free will of its own people.

2. Therefore, the Declaration "stressed the necessity of utilizing all Arab potentialities, and the mobilization of their resources and capabilities, in order to counter the challenge of colonialism and Zionism as well as Israel's continued aggressive policies and its insistence on denying the rights of the Arabs of Palestine to their homeland".

3. Israel, which was born as a result of colonial aggression, has consistently violated and disregarded the resolutions of the Security Council regarding Palestine. While no Arab Government has ever been condemned by the Security Council, the unfounded statement made in the letter regarding the "years of hostile and bellicose policies against Israel on the part of the Arab States" must, therefore, be examined in the light of the fact that Israel has been condemned five times by the Security Council for premeditated military attacks. These condemnations were embodied in the following resolutions:

(a) Security Council resolution of 18 May 1951 2/ concerning the "aerial action taken by the forces of the Government of Israel on 5 April 1951" on the Syrian borders.

(b) Security Council resolution of 24 November 1953 3/ regarding the "action at Qibya taken by the armed forces of Israel 14-15 October 1953".

(c) Security Council resolution of 29 March 1955 4/ which condemns the attack which was "committed by Israel regular army forces against the Egyptian regular army force" in the Gaza strip on 28 February 1955.

(d) Security Council resolution of 19 January 1956 5/ which condemns the Israeli attack against Syria on 11 December 1955 as a "flagrant violation ... of Israel's obligations under the Charter" and expresses the Council's "grave concern at the failure of the Government of Israel to comply with its obligations".

(e) Security Council resolution of 9 April 1962 6/ which reaffirmed "the Security Council resolution of 19 January 1956 which condemned Israeli military action" against Syria and determined that "the Israeli attack of 16-17 March 1962" (near Lake Tiberias) constituted "a flagrant violation of that resolution".

The most flagrant example of Israel's acts of aggression has been the attack on Egypt in 1956, which was roundly condemned by the international community.

4. The record of Israel in the international community hardly qualifies it to accuse other States of violating the United Nations Charter and of posing a threat to international peace and security. No other Member of the United Nations has such a consistent record of aggression, violations and lawlessness.

5. Furthermore, our Governments deem it necessary to draw the attention of the Security Council to recent Israeli aggressive policies and statements which create an imminent danger to international peace and security.

We have the honour to request that this letter and the attached official text of the Declaration issued at Alexandria on 11 September 1964 be circulated to the members of the Security Council, as a Security Council document.

The representatives of the Following States Members of the United Nations:



H.B. AZZOUT (Algeria)
W.M. SADI (Jordan)
Georges HAKIM (Lebanon)
Wahbi EL-BOURI (Libya)
Dey Ould SIDI BABA (Morocco)
Saleh SUGAIR (Saudi Arabia)
Omar ADEEL (Sudan)
Rafik ASHA (Syria)
M. El-MEMMI (Tunisia)
M. EL-KONY (United Arab Republic)
M.A. ALAINI (Yemen)




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