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Arab Invasion of Israel and Palestine - 1948

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 The UN General Assembly adopted a plan to end the British Mandate for Palestine and partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab States on Nov. 29, 1947, passing UN  Resolution (GA 181). As soon as the state of Israel was declared, regular armies of surrounding Arab countries entered the areas allotted to the Palestinian state, and some also captured or tried to capture territory allotted to the Jewish state. The map shows the movement of forces by the Arab armies in the spring of 1948. 1948 Israel War of Independence (1948 Arab-Israeli war) Timeline (Chronology) and Israel War of Independence (First Arab-Israel War) Click here for more history. Detailed invasion maps:

Israel War of Independence - Map of the Arab Invasion 
Israel War of Independence - Map of Battles of October 1948.
Israel War of Independence Map of operation Ayin (uvda) (conquest of Gaza and Eilat).


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