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Arabic and Hebrew are sister Semitic. languages. Here are some words to give you the feel of how the languages are related .  

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English- Arabic-Hebrew mini-Dictionary

Pronunciation tips

The Hebrew "o" is sounded as a long "o" but shorter than the o in "dote" Almost everyone is familiar with "Shalom" (goodbye and peace in Hebrew) - that is how "o" is pronounced.

There is  no "o" sound in Arabic

The Hebrew "a" is usually pronounced as in "art." The Arabic "a" varies.

This is a guttural similar to the ch in the Scottish "loch" but much lighter, made at the back of the throat. In Hebrew, this letter is the first letter of the word " 'haver," which means "friend."  Arabic words that use this letter and may be familiar to Westerners are 'humous and 'hamas.


In Arabic there is a sound like the 'ha'a that is harsher and closer to ch. This  sound is sometimes transliterated as "ch" or "kh" like the chaf (Xa'a in Arabic) but it is not a chaf.

 "ch" or "kh"  (chaf  in Hebrew, Xa'a in Arabic ) is a harder sound like Khrushchev (not K!)


This page is inspired by the late Hussein Issa, director of the Hope Flowers School in El-Khader, who inspired it. He had collected a much larger list of such words, now lost.

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